Beautiful Work: A sweet lesson in Maths

IGS Maths students are learning about value for money with some hands on projects.

Students worked together to navigate their way through:
– block mass
– total cost
– mass of 1 square unit
– the cost of 1 square unit
– cost of 1g of chocolate
– cost of 100g of chocolate
– working out how many grams of chocolate can be bought for $1.

“Students discovered that the largest packet of chocolate or the greatest discount of an item does not necessarily mean that you are getting the best value for money,” said Deputy Principal Students and Campus Life and Mathematics Teacher Mary Duma.

Ms Duma photographed the students as they “earnestly undertook the exercise to finally consume the items that formed part of the challenge”.

Ms Duma said it was a great Maths lesson that was applicable to life on a daily basis. 

“The chocolate was also very much enjoyed.”