A special space

We’re at an exciting time at IGS, as the consultation and planning process for our new IGS Bibliothèque gathers pace!

The Bibliothèque will give IGS an expanded library, research centre and learning hub at the heart of the School, to enchant our youngest learners and prepare our seniors for life-long learning beyond school.

The one, integrated library will open up so many possibilities for our students, educators and community.

Principal Shauna Colnan has been meeting with staff, students and parents to hear their ideas and dreams for this important new space.

Ms Colnan, along with BVN Architects, recently met with IGS Indigenous scholars to discuss the Bibliothèque’s Koori Corner.

The discussion took place in the form of a yarning circle, an age-old process that involves and develops deep listening, sharing of knowledge and development of higher order thinking skills.


As all discussions regarding the Bibliothèque have begun, students reflected on their favourite memories of libraries and and then shared their thoughts on what libraries mean to them.

“Discovering new worlds,” Tate said.

“Finding a book to read with my friends or just reading alone,” Armani added.

The most exciting part of the discussion for the students was pitching their ideas about features they believe would be great additions to the Bibliothèque.


A number of students imagined slippery dips in the space, whether for returning borrowed books or just for pure enjoyment. All agreed they’d love to see an abundance of Aboriginal culture, language and texts, as well as totem sculptures and Aboriginal art on walls and ceilings.

The Yarning Circle provide an opportunity for students to share their ideas with BVN architects, and build excitement for what’s to come at IGS.


When asked how the Bibliothèque will feel, students replied with “cozy”, “warm”, “happy”, “comfortable”, “awesome”, and most importantly “a place to feel at home”.

IGS parents and caregivers also had an opportunity to share ideas for the Bibliothèque this week, recommending automated systems, green spaces and a colourful, welcoming feel.