A special night at IGS

At IGS, we recently celebrated our annual High School Open Night, a showcase of academic, creative and co-curricular excellence!

Current families are already aware that at our vibrant, secular, co-educational school, we are equipping our students to be world ready. We offer a broad liberal education, and our unique bilingual program extends from Preschool through to Year 12. Visitors were keen to learn more.

Our students know that learning happens in and beyond the classroom – on the stage, in the orchestra, on the sporting field, in the vast array of clubs, and while abroad on international exchange.

This event provided the opportunity to also welcome hundreds of guests who were new to the School, to showcase our Language, Drama, Music, Science, Maths, English, Sport and Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE), Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE), Design and Technology and Art programs.


Guests heard from Principal Shauna Colnan, who expanded on our one of our limitless learning projects, SAGE (Student choice, Authentic learning experiences, Global relevance, Exhibitions and celebrations of learning), and discussed how students are contemplating Philosophy, a recent addition to the Year 7 IGS curriculum and clubs system.

IGS 2018 Head Boy Lukian Adams and Head Girl Mi-kaisha Masella were invited to represent the student body and address our guests about their journeys at IGS.

“I’m so lucky to be at IGS in such a supportive environment, with opportunities to travel around the world and meet new people,” Mi-kaisha said. “Because of IGS, I’ve developed into a more empathetic and worldly young woman.”

Mi-kaisha, one of our Indigenous scholars, also spoke about the IGS value of diversity through her own experiences at the School.

“What I love most about our school is how we embrace difference, and I’m so lucky to have people around me that honour and support me.”

Both students have been at the School for most of their lives. Lukian began at IGS in Preschool, and Mi-kaisha, in Kindergarten.

“Apart from the fact that I now know four languages, there’s so much more that I’m thankful to my parents for in sending me to IGS,” Lukian said.

“There’s just such a rich environment, and so much that our school has to offer, which students take full advantage of. I know I certainly have.”

It was a special night for the School. Student ambassadors and staff were honoured to meet so many new families, as well as welcome back some familiar faces.

IGS would like to thank all of the students and staff who made the event so enjoyable, including the barbeque team. There was an abundance of creativity and enthusiasm.