A reminder to stop and thank those who empower us

Father's Day provides a special time to think about those in our lives who care about us and have cared for us, past, present and future.

This Father’s Day, IGS is celebrating all the people who have played a significant role in our lives and our community.

IGS Principal Shauna Colnan

My dad has built me up and cheered me on every moment of my life and is still doing so today.

I adore him and am so lucky to have him as my dad. At 84 he’s sharing his wisdom about life with me and I’m savouring every moment. We’ll be spending Father’s Day together as we have every year.

To all our dads, all the best for a beautiful day! 

Principal Shauna Colnan with her father
IGS Deputy Principal Mary Duma reflects on the role of carer

My father passed away 15 years ago and not a day goes by when I don’t think of him and how much I owe him for the person I have become today. He always encouraged me to pursue my dreams, help others and be kind to all who I encounter on my journey through life.

He loved his family unconditionally and was with his grandsons every day during their formative school years. He took them to school, picked them up from school, cooked for them and gave them treats.
He is no longer with us but his memory lives on through his beautiful grandsons and great-grandchildren.

Father’s Day is a day when we remember those we love. Generations come and go but father figures reappear in every generation. My husband, Jaroslav, is seen in this photo-sharing stories with his grandson Anton.

Father’s Day is a reminder to stop and thank those who have taken time out of their life to be with us and empower us to be who we are today.


IGS Director of Advancement Julia Glass

This is me with my dad, Jon. He has always been there for me and my brother to guide us through life and prepare us for the world. 

PDHPE Teacher Dan Collins
Dan and his two children enjoying a recent Sydney Swans game