A pleasant surprise

“Global Connections” is a Year 5 IGS study topic, in keeping with the School’s commitment to inspiring meaningful engagement with global communities.

“As part of this unit, children write a letter to a school anywhere in the world,” said IGS Head of Stage 3 Jessica Price.

“They research the school’s global location and look at what life is like for the children living there.”

Using the information gathered in this task, students then send a letter to the desired school.

In 2017, Year 5 student Neve wrote to Yojou Elementary School in Nishinoomote, Japan.

“Neve has been at IGS since Preschool, and has continued studying Japanese,” Ms Price said. “She challenged herself and wrote her letter in Japanese.”

Now in Year 6, Neve recently receive a reply letter from Yojou Elementary School.

The letter discussed the school, students’ areas of study and other examples of learning in Japan.

“It was exciting for Neve to read her response in Japanese, a true test of her language learning,” Ms Price said.