A place to call ‘robotics’

IGS Robotics Club members are thrilled with their new, dedicated makerspace.

The purpose-built, customised robot-building space, in one of the science labs, includes two spacious benches and a number of cupboards for tools and robotics components.

“There’s been a lot of progress since we started building robots in Year 7,” said Robotics team captain Parker Floris of Year 10.

“Now, we have an actual club and proper facilities for building robots and we know what we are doing.”

Riu Fakazawa of Year 10 said they built robots of wood, plexiglass and metal, while Emil Hasche of Year 10, who was studying in Germany last term, described the space as “delicious”.

“I’m really excited because it means it’s easier for us to access the tools and materials and have everything organised,” said Tilli Merten of Year 9.

“This makerspace will be really useful,” said Perri Fearnley of Year 9. “We’ll get a lot more done.”

IGS Robotics makerspace
IGS Robotics makerspace

Head of Science Sian Welch thanked Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics Innovator (High School) Claire Loh for planning the space.

“It will give us a lot more capacity and a lot of diversity for STEAM-based opportunities,” said Mr Welch. “It’s a really exciting development within Science.”

Ms Loh said the makerspace provided “a great home for the IGS Robotic Clubs” including space for making small automatons.”

“It also allows us to extend our technology and engineering offerings to the students and get them more involved in making things,” Ms Loh said.