A pawfect first day of School for Pepper Potts

"Oh my dog" was the response as Pepper Potts, the new IGS therapy dog arrived for her first day of School.

Pepper is a therapy dog from Paws Pet Therapy.

She has the very special job of providing a sense of calm to our students, as well as a cuddle for whoever may want one.

Pepper will be joining us every second Tuesday, and Therapy Dog Lucca will visit every second Thursday.

Accompanied by her owner Christina, Pepper’s first day at School involved a visit to IGS Principal Shauna Colnan, then greeting some of our Primary and High School students and staff.

Christina said Pepper’s favourite thing in the world is to be patted, so visiting IGS is her dream job.

“She loves people and this is one way to satisfy her needs while also helping others,” Christina said.

“We will be led by what the students want. Her job is to be cuddled and to be loved. What we notice and love about pet therapy is that we mirror the emotions of the dog. A calm dog will help calm a human down.”

Just by patting her, anyone can become calmer.

“She is going to be a very calm influence on whoever might want to have a cuddle.”

IGS Head Boy Orlando Read said it was very exciting that IGS was able to introduce a therapy dog.

“I’ve grown up with dogs my whole life and I know how much of a positive impact they have on children. I know that Pepper Pots and Lucca will make so many IGS students and staff very happy.”