A message from the Head of Junior School

Term 2 is that wonderful time of the year when the weather cools and the focus shifts to consistent effort and success in learning.

We look forward to Kindergarten diving into the world of reading with the great support of parents and friends who donate their time as volunteers.

Year 1 will have great fun in the world of fairy tales this term, while Year 2 will work in great depth on the social, scientific and sustainability topic of Shelters this term.

Years 3 and 5 have the opportunity to complete the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). We simply ask them to try to do their best and to enjoy doing something new and different.

Year 4 followed up ANZAC Day with an excursion to the Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park. As usual for IGS children, the feedback from the guides was that they showed depth of knowledge and provided thoughtful answers.

At the other end of Primary School, Year 6 will complete their annual pilgrimage to Canberra. How lucky are this group to complete their visit in the week before a federal election.

On 21 June we all celebrate B Kinder Day – a day of hope.

Here’s to a successful term for all!

Colin Bird
Head of Junior School