A joyful time of year

From Principal Shauna Colnan

The IGS 2019 academic year is culminating in wonderful celebrations of learning.

Justifiably proud parents and caregivers have gathered to watch their Kindergarten to Year 2 children receive certificates of achievement and to enjoy their ever-improving music and language skills.

Our Early Learning concert, Year 6 end of Primary School assembly and High School end-of-term assembly have also celebrated a year of growth and achievements.

I love to watch our students shine at these events.

I took the opportunity to speak with our Year 6 students about courage as they celebrate the end of their Primary School years and to share with them my version of Rudyard Kipling’s 1909 poem, If.

High School will bring fresh challenges for these young people in the years ahead, just as the future brings changes for us all. May they meet all challenges with courage, and continue to thrive!

Our children feel such a sense of belonging to the IGS community, and we are all proud of their dedication, hard work and contributions, all nurtured by our highly skilled teachers who love what they do.

They shower our young learners with attention, patience, praise and encouragement for their efforts and for being who they are, and we are all thrilled to watch them flourish!

Each student has made important progress in their academic skills as well as their critical and creative thinking and their physical and emotional development, and we congratulate them.

Our Middle Years students are ending the year still excited by the challenges and achievements of their SAGE Week, while our new Year 12 are already making great strides into their final year of schooling.

Many of our senior students have just headed to Europe and others are bound for China, to immerse themselves in the various cultures with enthusiasm and a real eagerness to deepen their learning. We wish them well.

I am incredibly proud of all IGS students. They are a diverse group of children and young people, all at different stages of development, progressing beautifully here at IGS under the expert care of their teachers.

Over the summer holidays, we start construction of the IGS Bibliothèque, a warm, comfortable and enriching place that will support the children’s journey through our school.

We continue to increase our offerings, and next year Philosophy will be introduced to students in Years 5 and 6, and Critical Thinking for the 21st Century for Years 9 and 10.

We hope all our students immerse themselves in good books this summer, and spend time in nature and simply enjoy being with family and friends.

I thank our community for warmly supporting our School, and I wish everyone a joyful holiday, spending time with your children and celebrating their achievements.

After Speech Night at the State Theatre and our Picnic Day early next week, we look forward to seeing the children again on our first full day of the 2020 academic year, on Wednesday 29 January.

Shauna Colnan