A great day for picnics

Picnic Day at IGS was full of fresh as students of all ages wrapped up their 2020 academic year.

Kindergarten to Year 2 students enjoyed a visit from the Kindi Farm, plaster painting, clay sculpting, making fairy gardens, Christmas craft, a picnic on the rooftop and an afternoon movie.

Year 3 students visited the Chinese Garden, Year 4 learnt about Aboriginal culture in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Year 5 enjoyed a host of activities at school, while Year 6 went to Cables Waterpark.

For Year 7, Picnic Day meant a trip to the zoo. Year 8 took in a movie, Year 9 students and the new Year 12s enjoyed archery and bubble soccer, while Year 10 had a Kingpin tournament.

It was a wonderful day to celebrate an extraordinary year.