A colourful science lesson

Transition children celebrated Science Week with a colourful experiment involving acid, alkali and indicators.

IGS High School Science teachers Toby Booth and Brenda Ring conducted the lesson, introducing a number of new concepts.

The children watched with excitement as liquids changed colour from green to red to orange to dark green, purple and black, and even fizzed and bubbled.

Mr Booth asked what science was.

Dylan: When you are trying to know things you don’t know.

Ethan: If you are trying to find out if things work or if they don’t work.  

The materials included chopped red cabbage which made a purple liquid, vinegar and baking soda.

All the children used goggles to protect their eyes and watched in wonder as their liquids changed colour from purple to bright pink.

“You made something called an indicator,” Mr Booth explained. “And this tells whether we have an acid or the opposite, an alkali.”