A good feel for science

International Grammar School science teacher Amy Cao is proving there is far more to science than just reading and writing.

Ms Cao leads the Years 7 and 8 Science Club during Tuesday lunchtimes.

The students were busy working on two experiments this week, one involving invisible ink and another using UV light.


Ms Cao said students need to get their hands busy in the classroom in order to really foster a curiosity for science.

“We do a lot of science challenges that they wouldn’t normally do in class,” she said. “We do lots of things, rather than just writing. It’s fun.”

Year 7 student Gemma joined the science club at the start of 2019 after discovering a passion for the subject.

“We’ve been making invisible ink,” Gemma said. “The first time was with bicarb soda, water and then Ribena.”

The second experiment involved the use of washing detergent and a UV light.


Noah Cooper, Year 8, is also a fresh face to the club, joining so he could justify hanging around the science rooms well after class.
“I just love reading about science, and the possibility to find new things is endless.”

With a keen interest in space, Noah wants to be an astrophysicist when he’s older.“To bring my passion of science home from the classroom, I am going to build a mini-observatory in my backyard which will have a rotating dome equipped with a telescope.”

Noah says the science club has helped him expand his scientific interests, with a newfound appreciation for mathematics.“Science club has definitely broadened my interests. Space isn’t the only topic I research now. Last term we built spaghetti bridges which brought in some tricky maths.”