2020 IGS Global Scholar’s Prize topic announced

Principal Shauna Colnan invited entries for the 2020 Global Scholar's Prize, on COVID-19.

Ms Colnan introduced the perpetual prize, open to IGS students in Years 7 to 12, in 2014, for the best scholarly essay on a subject of global significance.

Previous topics have included In the shadow of MH17, On the road to Damascus, BREXIT, Donald Trump, the Me Too Movement and Climate Change. Click here to see the winning essays.

Students may explore any aspect of the global ramifications of COVID-19, such as how various leaders have responded to the challenges of the virus, speculating on what might happen next, comparing it to the Spanish influenza of 1918, or any other aspect.

Ms Colnan offers one on one guidance to students taking part. The final essay is due to her for marking by 2 November, in Week 2 of Term 4.