2019 IGS student leaders

We are thrilled to move into 2019 with our ambitious Primary and High School student leaders!

Primary School
  • Community: Milli Eichhorn and Hugh Gibbons
  • Music: Audrey Savage and Andrew Gilchrist
  • Language: Katerina Mitsis and Bruno Decker-Stewart
  • Digital: Billie Messiter and Giorgio Apostolopoulos
  • Sport: Ava Landon and Remy Klug
  • Library: Kaiyan Dou and Dante Tropiano
  • Sustainability: Amy Unsworth and Toby D’Arcy
  • Gura House: Armani Carr and Thomas Walter
  • Bamal House: Emilia Williams and Haakon Wilson
  • Kuyal House: Louisa Price and Joel Campbell
  • Baado House: Zahra Laurans-Wall and Marco Capuano
High School
  • Baado: Andrew Farmery, Stephanie Potter, Max Rodie, Siena Scott-Hickie 
  • Bamal: Maxine Baker, Otis Connor, Kieran Do, Lily Ballard-Shires
  • Gura: Fadi Al Hatu, Giacomo Paul, Nina Rewitzer, Christina Vlotis
  • Kuyal: Henry Brown, Emily Harrowell, Rohan Robinson, Sabine Taylor

On the first day of term the student leaders joined Principal Shauna Colnan, Deputy Principal Mary Duma, Deputy Principal David Hamper, Head of High School Anthony Dennehy and Head of Junior School Colin Bird for a photo in front of the School.

Absent from photo: Amy Unsworth (Primary Sustainability leader) and Maxine Baker (Bamal leader).

We look forward to showcasing our leaders’ projects, ideas, events and goals throughout 2019!