Students dive in and thrive at IGS

Scuba diving is one of more than 70 clubs on offer during lunchtime and after school at International Grammar School.

“We saw a Blue Groper munching on a sea urchin, and you could actually hear each time he took a bite,” said Thomas of Year 11.

“I’d never been scuba diving before,” said Jonathan of Year 11. “It certainly got me out of my comfort zone.”

The students were the second group of the new IGS Scuba Dive Club to achieve their PADI Open Water Certification.

“My first day in the pool was really difficult at times, but once I’d learnt my skills and we got out in the ocean I stopped focusing on the fact that I was breathing under water and became immersed in the underwater world,” Jonathan said.

Students explored reefs around Oak Park, Cronulla an Bare Island in La Perouse. 

The IGS Scuba Dive Club is one of more than 70 clubs on offer at International Grammar School, as part of the School’s vision to grow world ready, tenacious and confident individuals.

Junior School clubs include 3D Printing, 2D Game Creation and Unity Club at the Coder Factory, as well as Bee Bots, Girls 2D Video Game Creation, Yoga 4 Kids, Year 5 and 6 Girls’ Club, Yu Gi Oh and Pokemon Club.

The 40 clubs for high schoolers include opportunities in music, drama, Zero Robotics, Rubik’s Cubing, Year 7 and 8 Science Club, Ukulele Club, War Gaming Club, Film Watching Club, Year 9 Boxing Club, Senior Sewing Club, Year 11 Scuba Diving Club and Girls’ Maths Club.