1000-Point Challenge update

We thank everyone in the IGS community for participating in the 1000-Point Challenge.

IGS Head of PDHPE, Sport and Outdoor Education Simon Board congratulated the IGS Community for their amazing involvement in the 1000- Point Challenge.

“This becomes particularly relevant as current research suggests: physical activity during the COVID pandemic can counteract the negative effects of Coronavirus fear on adolescent mental health and well-being” (Wright et al 2021).”

We congratulate sisters Emily of Year 3 and Isabelle of Year 5 who have been participating in a number of activities.

Emily achieved 1,400 points in Week 4 and 1,250 in Week 5 of Term 3.

In Week 5, Emily participate in a one-hour lesson of musical theatre jazz, one-hour lesson of tap, one-hour lesson of acrobatics, one-hour bike ride, soccer games and also participated in the healthy eating challenges.

Isabelle achieved 1400 points in Week 4 and 1250 points in Week 5.

In Week 5 Isabelle participated in musical theatre jazz, hip hop, acrobatics, bike riding, soccer and also enjoyed eating a healthy diet.

Well done to all participants!