1000-Point Challenge

Week 9 marks the end of the IGS 1000-Point Challenge.

The PDHPE Department congratulates everyone on their efforts to stay active and healthy during the lockdown period.

“The 1000-Point Challenge has been a tremendous opportunity for the IGS community to support each other through physical activity, skill and well-being activities. From K to 12 students have run, cycled, skipped, run circuits, juggled toilet paper, prepared an amazing array of meals and participated in some wellbeing activities such as Yoga, Pilates and meditation to mention but a few,” Head of PDHPE, Sport and Outdoor Education Simon Board said.

“There is no doubt this has been a challenging term for us all, however, IGS has responded collectively through a festival of activity lifting the spirits of many individuals and the IGS community in its entirety.”

In Week 9, students enjoyed cooking delicious and healthy meals and getting active at home.

In first place was Zahra of year 8, in second place was Louisa, also from Year 8 and in third place was Clementine of Year 4.