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Cara Alumni IGS"Moving to IGS in my final years of school has made me the person I am today...The friendships I have made with students and teachers, I will never forget. I was genuinely happy to go to school every day...I was welcomed into a warm loving community, a community rich of culture, diversity and affection. IGS has not only prepared me for adulthood but has taught me things about myself I didn't know. I am proud to call myself an IGS alumna."

— Maddy, Class of '14

Cara Alumni IGS"I am very grateful to have been exposed to languages in High School, and to have been given such amazing opportunities, including language camps, International Day, an exchange to Montpellier, and, of course, spectacular teachers from day one."

– Cara, Class of ’06


"In all honesty, I'm not sure I would have been equipped with the tools to navigate the unfamiliar environment of university in another country without IGS; I wouldn't trade my 13 years at the School for anything...The genuine care and respect that the teachers have for the students and the truly egalitarian way that the students treat each other will inform the way I relate to people for the rest of my life."

– Liam, Class of ’11

"IGS is a fun place where staff, students and families like to be and I always enjoyed being. International Day was a very special occasion for me and emblematic of what the school represents. Celebration, respect and value for cultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity are at the heart of the school and for me International Day captured all these aspects of the school. The magic of the bilingual program underpins the great learning and quality relationships that exist at IGS."

– Paul Cahill, Deputy Principal at IGS 2002–2006

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