School Counsellors

The school counsellors offer confidential support and information to students and parents.

IGS offers a comprehensive counselling program to all students from Preschool to Year 12. The service is also available to parents who may be concerned about particular aspects of their child’s development, or seek information and support for issues related to the care of their children, parenting or family life.

The school counsellors work very closely with teachers and are members of the student care team. They assist professional development for teachers through formal and informal training and consultations. They also provide advice about the development of students in the school to maximise learning and engagement.

Who are the school counsellors?

Joseph Degeling — Director of Counselling Services

Joseph is a registered psychologist and has worked as a school counsellor in mainstream and behavioural schools for over 10 years. He is available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Contact: 02 9219 6700 or by email

Tamara Kezelman — School Counsellor

Tamara is a clinical psychologist with several years of experience working with children, young people and families in the education, NGO and private sectors. She is available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Contact: 02 9219 6700 or by email


How can the student counsellors help?

The counsellors can help students with many types of problems and difficulties:

  • Low moods, irritability, anger or depression
  • Anxiety or worry
  • Stress
  • Family problems
  • Problems with friendships, peer groups and relationships
  • Teasing or bullying
  • Developing study skills
  • Career guidance

The school counsellors can help parents with:

  • Parenting solutions
  • Understanding the developmental process of childhood and adolescence
  • Answering queries and concerns about their children
  • Information on the many issues faced by young people today

We have developed a wide network of professionals in the community whom we often refer students and parents to for extra support. These professionals are trusted registered health practitioners who work closely with IGS staff in the care of your children.


All counselling sessions with students and parents are treated with the greatest respect and privacy. When working with young students (Preschool to Year 7) permission will be sought, where possible, from parents before the counsellor sees a student. The counsellors keep in close dialogue with parents (either via phone or email) about the progress of counselling sessions. Older students (from the age of 14 but particularly from the age of 16) are recognised as having a right to confidentiality. This means that the counsellors will not disclose the information from the session to any other person without the consent of the young person.

There are some instances where the school counsellors are bound by law to disclose information from counselling sessions to a third party without the consent of the young person: when necessary to satisfy mandatory reporting requirements under child protection legislation; when there is a serious threat to a young person’s life or safety; or when there is a serious threat to the life or safety of other school members. In these instances, the privacy of the young person is still treated with great respect. All counselling notes are locked in a secure filing cabinet in the counselling office and are not accessible to any other member of staff.