Music plays a significant and integral part in the primary school education offered at IGS. Our aim is to provide students with a high quality music education in an energetic and creative environment.

Music in Primary School

Students learn a new band instrument in Years 4 and 5

Based on the principles of Orff Schulwerk, music is taught sequentially with skills being acquired through directed listening, vocal and instrumental performance and composing.

Students are encouraged to experience and appreciate a wide range of musical traditions and styles.The Music faculty is committed to using technology in its teaching and learning, including the use of iPads.

Music classes at IGS begin in Early Learning with a strong emphasis on singing. In Years 4 and 5, the IGS Instrumental program is inegrated into the classroom program. In this, students have the opportunity to start learning a new instrument and participate in the Year 4 and Year 5 concert bands. Music continues through to Year 8, at which point it becomes an elective to HSC level. 

The IGS composer-in-residence provides special tutoring to students who wish to advance their studies in composition. Private vocal and instrumental studies are offered at IGS.

Primary students can participate in a variety of music enembles

Students who undertake private tuition are encouraged to participate in the School's various music ensembles, including a symphony orchestra, string orchestras, concert bands, rock and jazz bands, chamber groups and choirs. All ensembles perfom regularly at evening concerts, assemblies, school functions and community festivals.

Our young musicians are fostered through regular visits to and from inspirational professional musicians and ensembles, performances at lunchtime concerts and participation in Heads of Independent Co-educational Schools (HICES) music festivals.