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What is the PTF?

PTF members at recycled uniform shop

 'Rue la Kelly' Recycled Uniform Market

IGS has an engaged, friendly and innovative PTF. The Parents-Teachers-Friends (PTF) is an active organisation of parents, carers, teachers and friends of International Grammar School who are interested in its education program, philosophy and operations.

All members of the school community automatically become members of the PTF upon enrolment. Each family pays a small levy to the PTF. The PTF Committee members are elected annually to oversee the activities of the PTF and to work more closely with the Board, Principal and school management team.

The PTF can be contacted by email (please allow 48 hours minimum response time).

Current parents can find more information about the PTF on the IGS PORTAL.

The PTF’s objectives are to:

  • Promote the interests of the School by fostering and supporting a sense of belonging and connection within the school community, through building networks that link families with each other and through providing a bridge between the School and families.
  • Provide regular meetings and forums for members of the school community to receive information, discuss issues relevant to students, contribute ideas and provide feedback to the school administration. The PTF organises regular School Community Meetings and works with IGS staff to organise regular Community Learning Program events.
  • Provide funding for items not covered by the school budget, particularly those that help to build a better school community.

IGS PTF Spring Cycle 2013 participants

Classic Riders PTF 2013 Spring Cycle


Volunteering on International Day

PTF selling Learning Journeys

Learning Journeys, a PTF Fundraiser

PTF School Community Meetings

School Community Meetings are an invaluable forum to learn what’s going on at the School. They provide an opportunity to raise and discuss important issues and gain insight on how the School operates.

The Principal usually attends to provide an update on current key issues at the School and to take questions. Staff members representing curriculum, pastoral and other interest areas are invited to discuss their role or teaching area. The PTF Committee welcomes suggestions on issues for discussion and requests for particular staff to attend. Please send suggestions to the PTF by email.


Learning Journeys 30th Anniversary BookLearning Journeys

30 years of International Grammar School 1984–2014

This high quality, 250 page, hard cover, full-colour book was commissioned by the PTF to celebrate the School’s 30th Anniversary. The book tells the story of IGS beautifully through the many voices of those who have made the School what it is today. To order your copy please contact our Director of Advancement