Our Values

IGS is a school built on strong core values which underpin our activities, actions and behaviours.


We believe that students acquire a global perspective through diversity and intercultural understanding. Our languages-learning program is a key plank in this process. Children develop an understanding of themselves and others through languages, music and art. We honour all cultures and rejoice in learning from the diversity of our students and their families.

The globe on our school logo represents our perspective and our place in the world; the arc, which spans the globe, represents the bridges we are building between people and cultures.

Personal Achievement

Through learning, students develop self-esteem and grow as individuals. Our programs are designed to allow every student to maximise his or her potential. We maintain a flexible approach to curriculum that allows individual learning needs to be met. Our students acquire self-awareness, empathy, confidence and resilience in their learning.  Ultimately, ‘personal achievement’ includes giving back insights and perspectives and encompasses a sense of making a contribution.


We believe that students grow when they feel safe, happy and strongly connected to others; therefore, it is essential to provide a school environment where every child feels welcome and supported. We provide challenges and risks necessary for student development within a nurturing community. We want each individual to feel accepted; to this end, every student is a member of a close-knit Home Class or Tutor Group. Parents are acknowledged as collaborators in learning and are encouraged to participate in the school community.


Vibrancy is the unique tone and mood of the School. Newcomers feel this vibrancy immediately — an emotional response to the colour, the buzz and the energy in the buildings. We are friendly, informal and contemporary. We do things in new ways; we experiment and use innovative methods and technology, whilst pursuing quality at all times. We are a cosmopolitan inner-city community, and proud of this.


We aspire to high levels of personal responsibility. Children learn best when they are responsible for their own learning, so we encourage independence and self-evaluation. Students learn that consequences flow from their behaviour choices. We encourage students to increase their independence and self-discipline, especially as they move into senior high school. We aim to express support and compassion through our relationships with others and promote relationships that are transparent, honest and ethical.

Our Values Framework

  • Each child should feel safe and secure at school
  • Difference is accepted
  • Respect for self and others defines relationships
  • A high level of personal responsibility produces a harmonious community
  • A passion for learning is essential in a quality learning environment
  • Challenge and risk-taking in an environment that is safe, nurturing and caring is essential for growth of spirit and leads to high self-esteem
  • Honesty is essential in trusting relationships
  • Participation in the variety of school life engages children with the community and supports their healthy growth and holistic development
  • Learning happens in different ways and at different times for each child
  • The program of learning must be designed to meet the child's specific developmental level and learning style
  • Learning is best packaged within the framework of traditional disciplines
  • Learning is strengthened when cross-curricular areas are explored
  • Children learn best when they are responsible for their own learning, and are encouraged to think independently and make judgements for themselves

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