Our Future

Our Vision

International Grammar School strives to retain the highest quality of teaching and learning through a broad curriculum with a strong focus on languages and music. The School was founded on the principles of bilingual learning and respect for diversity and this same vision continues to take the School through the 21st Century, encouraging and creating our future world citizens.

International Grammar School near Sydney CBD

Our future goals are underpinned by IGS's Core Values:

  • Diversity
  • Personal Achievement
  • Connectedness
  • Authenticity
  • Vibrancy

Our goals for the School are outlined in the Strategic Plan.

The Student Environment

Provide a safe, secure and inclusive environment for all students.

Be a lighthouse school for student wellbeing.

Nurture and celebrate student achievement

Teaching and Learning

Provide a dynamic and rigorous curriculum and pedagogy which embrace intercultural understanding and promote personal achievement.

Nurture social awareness and ethical behaviours and values in our students.

Provide a contemporary and vibrant learning environment.

Community Relations

Connect effectively with past, present and future members of our School community.

Create partnerships with, and promote the School within, the wider community.

Leadership and Management

Attract, retain and develop quality staff.

Keep the School at the forefront of educational practice.

Develop, implement and evaluate coherent policies and processes.

Corporate Development and Services

Identify, develop and execute non-core revenue opportunities.

Increase philanthropic giving to the School and its associated bodies/organisations.

Secure the long-term accommodation requirements for the School.