Languages allow students to engage with and reflect on a different culture

High School languages program

Second language program

At IGS, all students continue to study a second language (French, Japanese, German or Italian) to the end of Year 10. For students entering IGS at year 7, a beginner level class in a selected second language is available. The selected beginner language varies from year to year. Beginner groups study slightly faster and more intensively, and have the same opportunities later to participate in exchange programs.

Students in Years 7 and 8 attend a two-day immersion camp in their second language.

Third language program

All students in Years 7 and 8 study a third language (currently Chinese or Spanish) at beginner level. The third language becomes an elective choice in Years 9 and 10.

Senior Language Program

Students are encouraged to continue their study of languages in Years 11 and 12 as HSC subjects. The second and third languages studied in Years 7 to 10 progress into the Continuers Courses (2 units) of the HSC. In each of these languages it is also possible to sit for a further 1-unit Extension course. IGS also offers intensive two-year beginner courses in Chinese and Spanish and, when there is demand, Japanese.


Students who are achieving at a very advanced level, and demonstrating mature senior study skills, may be considered for acceleration in their second language study.

Senior students can study languages as HSC subjects, including Japanese

Exchange programs provide intercultural learning experiences

The School's European exchange program includes travel over summer vacation

Exchange and Travel Opportunities

Experiential learning has an immediate impact on a student's cultural outlook. IGS has established exchange relationships with schools in Montpellier (France), Salzgitter (Germany), Rovereto (Italy) and Madrid (Spain). An unescorted reciprocal exchange takes place every year. Students in Years 9, 10 and 11 can go for a six-week school and homestay experience in late November through to January. A teacher from IGS visits the students at their European school to support them during their exchange. French, German, Italian and Spanish students come to IGS for a six-week school and family homestay experience in July/August.

A reciprocal exchange program with Japan and China also provides opportunities for students to travel in accompanied groups to visit schools and experience homestay.  These experiences greatly enhance students' language skills, and their love and understanding of a different culture.

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IGS Languages Magazine

Polyglot is a languages magazine published by IGS students and includes exchange stories, articles, interviews and recipes. Download Polyglot 2012 (pdf 7MB ) »