Assessment Policy

High School Assessment

Assessment information provides the basis for sound decision-making regarding teaching and learning. The overriding purpose of assessment is to improve learning.

Assessment is intended to assist students to understand their own achievement and progress. Through evaluation, students develop the ability to think and reflect, create, adapt, analyze and make connections in their learning, and above all, enjoy.

IGS believes that students need:

  • A sense of shared ownership of their learning
  • To be evaluated on what they believe is quality work
  • To feel their opinions are important to their assessment
  • To be motivated to meet the criteria that they established
  • To be involved in and to understand the marking system
  • To be clear about what is expected and to take pride in having a say in what the class sets as objectives
  • To know that every student will be marked on the same criteria
  • Feedback after teacher evaluation of their work