Drama Companies

Drama companies complement the drama program offered at the School, helping to develop confidence and skills in young people.

High School students can select from a variety of options in the High School Drama Company program.

Students can participate in a wide variety of drama areas

The companies are:

  • Writing for Theatre
  • Physical Theatre 
  • Theatresports
  • Shakespeare Globe Festival
  • Year 7 Company
  • Year 8 Company
  • Production Company

Students are able to learn new skills or extend existing skills in the craft of acting and story-telling. Students are also are given access to experts and practitioners who specialise with passion and enthusiasm in a particular area of drama.

Drama companies teach that our bodies are instruments for performance — costumes, scenery and lighting can help to create mood and contextualise performance work, but essentially theatre is created as the performer manipulates the elements of drama, using his/her body in the space to create a negotiated meaning between actor and audience.

Theatresports teams tread the boards in both Intermediate and Senior statewide competitions. The School also participates in Shakespeare competition days.

Students learn to create theatre through the elements of drama

Skills develop in the craft of acting and storytelling

Teams compete in improvisational Theatresports