Located on the land of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, IGS has a long and proud tradition of educating young Indigenous Australians.

The School’s commitment to Indigenous students’ education was formalised through a unique scholarship program in 2003 and includes activities that reflect Indigenous identity, history and culture. The Indigenous Journey at IGS has led to today’s team of 20 young people on scholarship.

Koori Club

Koori Club runs once each term and allows our Indigenous students to keep connected and meet up with our Academic Mentor for Indigenous Students (P-12).

“Koori Club is the most important way for the Indigenous students at IGS to keep connected with each other. As I am learning in my Aboriginal studies, connectedness is the basis for keeping Aboriginal culture alive.” — TJ, IGS’s first Indigenous Scholarship graduate

“Koori Club is awesome. We get to read books and play.” — Jai

Special events and visitors

IGS regularly welcomes Indigenous visitors to the School and links with local Aboriginal community members and business to provide enriching cultural programs for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students alike. The School also runs Indigenous Connections events in support of the Indigenous Scholarship Fund.

The IGS community collaborates with and receives visitors from Bangarra Dance Theatre, NITV, University of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney, Tali Gallery, Gadigal Radio as well as several Aboriginal performing artists and storytellers.