IGS celebrates National Science Week

The theme for this year’s National Science Week (13-21 August) is Drones, Droids and Robots and these are things that IGS students know quite a lot about.

What exactly is a Drone? According to the video compiled this week by International Grammar School’s Year 12 Physics student Himavaan Chandra, it’s an Unmanned Aerial System, a flying robot or really just any flying aircraft controlled remotely from the ground.

Himavaan is a Drone enthusiast and made the 5-minute video to mark National Science Week this week at IGS. The School is also running activities in robotics and Little Bits for Primary students today and tomorrow under the supervision of the senior students.

What inspired Himavaan?

“I decided to make the video since I have a passion about racing and freestyle quadcopters/drones.

“I like being able to feel like I am in the cockpit of an aircraft. I also like the freedom of being able to do whatever you want when flying quadcopters”.

“I have a 50/50 career interest in film and science. I think I will either do visual effects for movies or a mechanical engineering degree!”

For valid safety reasons, Himavaan couldn’t fly his mini drone through the School this morning, however, the younger budding scientists enjoyed watching the whirling dervish and some examples of what the drone sees on the big screen during assembly.

The primary students then headed off to other science-based activities in robotics – run by the School’s senior Robotics Club (rIGS) to make robotic arms from paper and coding exercises. Coding is now studied by primary and secondary students at IGS and the rIGS team enjoyed mentoring the younger students this week.

The United States of Science

IGS conducted its first Science Tour to the United States in the July holidays, with 15 senior science students taking in NASA’s Cape Canaveral Kennedy Space Centre, Space Museum in San Francisco and other iconic sites including the Grand Canyon.

Two of the young scientists made the following comment:

“The US Science and Technology tour was an amazing experience full of so many fantastic opportunities. Overall this tour was fascinating and I’ll never forget it.” – Keira Wade

“The 2016 United States Science Tour was an enriching and exciting experiences. Visiting famous geological sites such as the Grand Canyon and the Arizona Meteor Crater was a chance to learn about the history of our earth and ponder the billions of years that the world has existed.” – Martin Gossow

It all comes out in the wash

IGS has a burgeoning coding and STEAM program and last weekend, Year 6’s Max Braun and Jonas Meyer took out the State prize in their age category in the ICT Explorers’ Comp for their Captain Underpants project.  Max and Jonas explained that the idea behind the project is to link the retractable clothes line to the weather advice on the internet.

“So, when it rains, the clothes line retracts under cover and the system sends an SMS to mum or dad, likewise when the weather improves – the line can go out again”.

Find out more about STEAM learning at IGS.